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Turns out, there are way more things getting laid on Thanksgiving than just those dinner table cloths. And there's also a hell of a lot of drama—and embarrassing moments—going down as well. Here's a roundup of the funniest, craziest, most cringe-worthy Thanksgiving Day confessions for you to gobble up when Aunt Kathy won't stop asking you when you'll get married.

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So proud. So thankful. Two girls.

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And the parade kiss had viewers around the country — and the cast — cheering too. We here at ThePromMusical have never been so proud. So, the Thanksgiving Day parade just showcased the musical The Prom, which culminated in two women sharing a kiss.

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Between feasting and catching up with the fam, no one said getting frisky over Thanksgiving would be an easy feat. Quite the contrary, in fact. As such, there is no shortage of funny stories about trying to have sex while home for Thanksgiving. Perhaps, while giving your partner a tour of your home, you stop in your childhood bedroom.

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The average American consumes over 3, calories during a Thanksgiving meal. To put that into context for folks who aren't beholden to counting calories, that's about to 1, calories more than what the average individual should be consuming on the daily. As long as you're back to your normal eating routine after inhaling all that Thanksgiving goodness, you're not doing any lasting harm to your body by indulging in that one calorie laden meal per year.

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This Thanksgivingyou'll be thankful for friends, family, and health. But there's one really important thing you should add to your pre-turkey gratitude list: orgasms. While we don't recommend announcing that you're grateful for a year of amazing sack sessions to your fam but seriously, you do youwe can't think of a better day to show your orgasms some love—literally—by getting down.

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By Dailymail. The 92nd Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade proved to be historic not only for its chilly weather but also because it showcased the parade's first same-sex kiss to be televised. The moment is also said to have been the first same-sex kiss to have been broadcast during the Macy's holiday event.

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When a few famous actors from New York City hear of the trouble, they travel to Indiana to support the young couple. MacysDayParade pic. Not something kids need to see.

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These things, however, can be challenging after a 4,calorie meal. On a full belly, how do you and your partner prevent a sexless food coma from blocking your wish to rendezvous? Is it best to avoid sex altogether?

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Love is love. Seeing two girls kissing just solidifies what they already innately know. You can see the moment for yourself at about the mark in the video below:.


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