Pornstar aids scare

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By Bill Hoffman. The porn industry was shaken to its sleazy core yesterday amid fears that HIV may be spreading among its stable of X-rated male and female performers. James had unprotected sex with more than a dozen women in the past month — and all are terrified they may have contracted HIV.

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Two adult film actors have contracted HIV, with one most likely infecting the other during unprotected sex at a film shoot in Nevada where testing was less stringent than industry standards, officials said. One of the actors had previously tested negative for the virus that causes Aids before a pair of film shoots, but then began showing symptoms during the second shoot and was later found to be HIV-positive, the California Department of Public Health said Monday in a statement. The infections came amid a major decline in porn filming in Los Angeles County — once the center of porn production in the country — after the passage of a law requiring porn actors to use condoms during filming.

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Her dream was to open her own escort service. Or become a fashion designer. Or cut a rap CD with Missy Elliott.

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A porn actor's positive HIV testwhich prompted a temporary shutdown of Los Angeles' billion-dollar adult film industry Monday night, has reignited the debate over mandatory condom use in X-rated productions. The HIV scare comes less than one month after the launch of a new online sexual health database aimed at preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases among porn actors through mandatory testing. To be listed in the database -- a requisite for getting work -- porn actors must get tested every 30 days and present a clean bill of health. But critics say routine testing does not prevent STDs from creeping in.

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The adult movie industry will resume filming as early as Friday after a recent spate of HIV scares brought the multi-billion dollar industry to a standstill. This change in policy comes after a performer known as Cameron Bay, her boyfriend Rod Daily and an unidentified porn movie star, tested positive for the virus, leading to a series of moratoriums on filming porn movies. Last week, a fourth performer approached the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, an advocacy group that is promoting condom use in adult movies, saying he had tested positive for HIV.

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Real LGBTI people remember the confusion, the lack of information, the lack of support from the government because of the suffering from the virus known only at the time as GRID gay-related immune deficiency. You ask what it was like? We set up informal and formal support groups to look after our friends who took sick.

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By Daily Mail Reporter. A fourth porn actor has reported testing positive for HIV, increasing concern that there is an outbreak among adult entertainment performers. Two performers - Cameron Bay and Rod Daily - have come forward and announced that they tested positive, but the third individual who was infected has remained anonymous.

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In January, classmate Thomas Bagley recognized Knox, 19, from her extracurricular work and allegedly spread word on campus, which quickly led to national media coverage on the adult-film newcomer. Since then, Knox has responded via open letters and high-profile television and radio appearancesboth standing by her sideline gig and calling out the hypocrisy of her critics. The Spokane, Washington, native even drew the now-infamous vitriol of celebrity therapist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

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Darren James born February 25, is an American former pornographic actor and director. In an attempt to prevent a possible outbreak, an urgent search was initiated for potentially infected performers. It was concluded that James had possibly been infected while engaging in unprotected anal sex with Brazilian actress Bianca Biaggi, during a scene for the video Split That Booty 2 in Rio de Janeiro.

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Jenna Jameson has promoted unionizing porn stars after last week's HIV scare shook the industry. Jenna Jameson, one of the adult entertainment industry's biggest names, is calling for a porn star union after an actor tested positive for HIV last week. The news caused widespread alarm among performers because the actor had worked extensively in an industry where condoms are the exception rather than the norm. It is not clear how many people he may have exposed.


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