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You can listen to the entire chat below. On whether he still has a sense of excitement prior to the release of a new NILE studio album:. Karl : "Yes, absolutely.

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I re-wrote "Fuck U Betta" with my friends Lauren and Vic in Toronto after I had broken up with a boyfriend, who had told me that he started dating a model. I was like, 'Yeah, she's prettier than I'll ever be, but can she do it like me? Lewis Corner of Digital Spy described the composition as "a quirky mix of squiffy vocal effects, pulsing club beats and plenty of bad language".

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Right hand on the mic, my teeth crooked I saw the spark up in your heart and then I took it All that treasure under the see, I overlook it Then I take your fucking rhyme book apart so I can cook it Look kid, don't you ever act stupid I'll make you walk the sky like Team Rocket or Luke did White trash, married the game and then I bruised it Had a grammar book, but I losed it I mean loosed it, lost it, anyway, I never used it I don't like the proper things, Biggie on my crucifix Like a kiddy in some skinny jeans, I got stupid fits P. You know who it is When he in a room, then the room is his When he slipped dick to a chick, all her tumors quit He don't give a shit, what the rumour is Him, Em, Hova, you've got two more picks Is he serious? Wanted to fly, but they got sore wings I'm Sinatra, showing class and watching whores swing Your life is kind of like this beat, could use some more strings Style obese, man, it couldn't have no more chins I'm a unicorn, so stop betting on which horse wins Doing the crudest porn, just to stack up even more sins Ludicrous form, going since Filip was born 'till his corpse stinks Heart beating so swift it broke ribs Even though I'm dead, know the flow lives I should be your favorite fucking thing, like the porn flick With the cutie pie with rouge thighs, blue eyes and super-cool tits Or the goldfish you loved just like your own kid Who had to be thrown in the toilet bowl over some grown shit Or the puppy you loved, who was your one friend They took him to a farm and after that you never saw him I'll break your heart like that event Or the night you had to ask your Momma where Daddy went I'm coming hard like your daddy's friend.

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Who do we want? We want HRC! With a video that features the trio in tribute pantsuits, it has an infectious beat that would prompt their idol to shimmy.

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Hell yeah. YouTube is finally letting creators know what curse words they can use without taking a financial hit. In a video uploaded to its Creator Insider channel, YouTube has finally defined what exactly constitutes profanity on the platform.

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An ex-YouTube insider reveals how its recommendation algorithm promotes divisive clips and conspiracy videos. Fri 2 Feb Logan Paul, a YouTube celebrity, stumbles across a dead man hanging from a tree.

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If you truly hate ads support us on Patreon Limiting the quantity is one of Patreon's features. Kat Wonders is a Youtube content creator with k subscribers and patrons on Patreon. Hate speech in modern use is attested by

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I came across this genre recently by browsing music on YouTube and thought it was pretty interesting, and got into some of the artists like Perturbator and MegaDrive. Carpenter Brut. One thing that Carpenter Brut does that is interesting is the song changes over time.

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