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The enclosed paperwork with the shipment also contains information regarding the extender, wash media if applicable and any antibiotics. Specimens may be held in the shipper for a limited amount of time, please see the shipping documents for information specific to the type of shipper you have received. If the specimens are not to be used immediately, they must be stored in an appropriately designed liquid nitrogen Dewar.

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If your donor lives in another city, you can have fresh semen samples shipped to you overnight. Your donor produces a semen sample and then mixes the sample with a refrigerated buffer solution that protects the sperm during refrigerated transport in a styrofoam cooler with an ice pack. This method has been scientifically tested, and samples have been found to be viable for producing pregnancy.

Find your sperm donor in our extensive catalogue. Choose a donor based on personality, interests, or physical characteristics, etc. All families are different and have a unique story.

With an easy one-step process of simply thawing the media and adding media at a ratio with the sperm sample, it is quicker and easier than sperm cryopreservation. Refrigeration Medium TYB with Gentamicin contains TEST-yolk buffer as the protecting agent, and the glycerol-free formulation avoids the potentially damaging effects from penetrating cryoprotectants. The reusable ice packs need to be frozen, and we suggest that donor sperm be refrigerated for about 30 minutes, prior to shipping.

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The Semi-Rigid Intrauterine Insemination IUI Device is intended for human use, unlike many of our competitors whom only pass veterinarian use devices for women to use. It is user friendly with a semi-rigid shaft. The insemination device may be used for an intrauterine or intracervical insemination process.

Those most likely to use a sperm donor are heterosexual couples with male-factor infertility, lesbian couples, and single mothers by choice SMBC. Some people who can produce sperm but are carriers of a genetic illness may choose to use donor sperm in order to not pass along those genes—Mel]. The first step is usually to meet with a reproductive endocrinologist RE.

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Shipping sperm - options and costs. November 02, However, please be aware that a single insemination does not always work - especially after the sperm has been shipped. So, you may need multiple shipments.

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Author information: 1 Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The aim of this study was to identify the detrimental effect of the freeze-thaw process on chromatin integrity and morphology of human spermatozoa, and to determine whether human sperm preservation medium HSPM or TEST-yolk buffer TYB offers a better protection to spermatozoa from cryodamage after the freeze-thaw procedure. Thirty-five semen samples obtained from couples childless because of male factor infertility subfertile men, group 1 and 25 semen samples from healthy, normal volunteers of proven fertility group 2 were included in the study.


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