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With a pre-teen battle for power and perfection raging on and off stage, Dance Nation is a ferocious exploration of youth, ambition and self-discovery. Evenings 7. Tickets released Tuesday at 1pm.

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There are 81 small businesses to every thousand people, making it one of the most micro-business dense countries globally. An international study has revealed Britain is ranked as the fourth most micro-business dense country in the world, with 81 micro-businesses to every thousand people. The Czech Republic beats The United States and Indonesia to claim the title of country with the most micro-businesses per capita — with 89 micro-businesses for every thousand Czechs.

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What Is Cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person. Online threats and mean, aggressive, or rude texts, tweets, posts, or messages all count. So does posting personal information, pictures, or videos designed to hurt or embarrass someone else.

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Diabetes is an increasingly urgent health issue, which affects millions of people and consumes a significant proportion of the NHS budget, Despite this, research shows that many people with diabetes are not receiving the care and support they need to manage their condition effectively and reduce the risk of serious complications. There are real opportunities for the incoming government, health services, local authorities, and others, to prevent millions of people from developing Type 2 diabetes, and to make the impact less severe for those who are diagnosed with diabetes of all types. We urge these organisation to act on our proposals and implement them over the coming months.

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Jump to navigation. Sarah Beaton is the set and costume designer for Mix the Play. In this video she tells us more about what her job involves and how she got into it.

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Please refresh the page and retry. B ritish teenagers spend more time on the internet than virtually anyone else in the world, leading them to become more unhappy and susceptible to mental health problems, a new report has found. Only Chilean youngsters spend longer browsing the web, with British youngsters spending minutes per school day engrossed on their smartphones or computers.

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It was a pleasure hosting these amazing Representatives from steeringforgreatness on the TeenExpressions Radio show, Lead Radio, yesterday We are committed to providing teenagers with opportunities on air I am Inspired by the works of this great organization and I'm sure it holds a lot for Nigerian teenagers radioforimpact leadershiponradio steeringforgreatness LETBootCamp6. We discuss issues affecting teenagers and inspire sustainable solutions. So far we've had five shows. I believe we're getting closer day by day.

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Amplify teenage contribution and solutions by providing the necessary platforms, mentoring and investment to enable their voices be heard, their work be seen, their contributions valued. Question conventional thinking to inspire inter-generation based innovative and sustainable thinking to shape the future of Africa and its communities. Young people are today.

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The cultural exchange program of the Teennation Inc. We are an African- based organisation that converges teen leaders to provide them with the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and transform their own communities while grooming them towards leadership. We hold an annual Assembly where the most influential teen leaders and talent from global and national organisations, NGOs, high schools, universities and other forward-thinking organisations come together to contest conventional thinking and promote innovative ideas, design and patterns on the issues, policies, reforms and leadership shaping the future of their nations. At the Assembly, delegates contest, innovate, formulate and share sustainable solutions for the pressing issues facing Africa.


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