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Female celebrities everywhere have embraced the braless trend recently, ditching their bras and letting their breasts be free. For women with small breasts, this might seem like no big deal. But for anyone with larger boobs, going braless seems like a completely impossible idea.

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Let's get one thing straight: boobs are boobs. They can be round or flat, plump or small, pointy or saggy, wide-set or forward-facing. And did you know there are eight different types of nipples?

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I think that I've managed to go braless with big boobs maybe three times in my life. My ta-tas have never been what you might consider small — a C cup on a year-old meant I was pretty massive compared to my peers, and as a fabulous F-cupped adult, the twins have shown no signs of going anywhere. I used to be ashamed of the size of my jugs, keeping them covered and ignoring the potential power of my own cleavage.

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What happened when one year-old freed much more than the nipple. There was a time when I really loved my boobs. In high school, I wore a C cup, and my breasts filled out my triangle bikini tops and form-fitting V-neck shirts perfectly.

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You just want to set the girls free. Fair enough! Small boobs can look great and be shaped, and big boobs can still get some lift.

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With their pokey underwire, thick straps and sweat-trapping cups, bras are not always the most comfortable thing in the world. Sure, getting a bra that properly fits can do wonders for your boobs, but there's nothing quite like going without one. While there are certainly some folks who simply can't go bra-free, whether it's due to comfort or size, the ones who can seem to universally agree that it is supremely amazing — whether you do it in public or just in the comfort of your own home.

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In Western societythere is an increasing trend towards bralessness among a number of women, especially millennials, who have expressed opposition to and are giving up wearing bras. InAllure magazine fashion director Rachael Wang wrote, "Going braless is as old as feminism but it seems to be bubbling to the surface more recently as a direct response to Third Wave moments like freethenipple hashtag campaign, increased trans-visibility like Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair cover Women choose to go braless due to discomfort, health-related issues, their cost, and for social reasons, often having to do with self acceptance and political expression.

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My co-worker unbuttoned her denim jacket, showing off the graphic tank she was wearing underneath. To work, I don't even bother. You know how it feels to find out a friend has been keeping a secret for weeks? That's where I was at.

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Going braless takes some getting used to — especially for thick women. As much as I despised strapping in like a boxer lacing up for a match, I did it for a long time. An unexpectedly petite woman asked if she could help me find anything.

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If you wear bras, you know the feeling of relief you get at the end of the day when you finally go braless. That instant gratification of being without a boob holder is what I feel almost all of the time, since I'm someone who doesn't wear bras unless I'm working out or I want to feel extra supported. If you have ever wondered if women with big boobs don't wear bras, yeswe are out there.


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