Bombing victim sucked into intake

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It's every passenger's nightmare: flying miles above the Earth and an explosion occurs. You might check the loudness of it relative to your position on the plane. On Tuesday April 17 th, this nightmare became real.

A mother-of-two has been identified as the victim from a US jet engine blow-out at over metres. News of her death was first shared by the assistant principal of the Albuquerque Catholic school attended by her two children. Travellers said fellow passengers dragged Riordan back in as the sudden decompression of the cabin pulled her part way through the opening.

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Lilia Chavez was sitting three rows behind the window that was shattered by shrapnel from the exploding engine. The court documents continue to say that Ms Chavez prayed for her life during the 20 minute ascent into the Philadelphia airport. The lawsuit charged that Southwest Airlines failed to inform passengers about potential defects, and that it had put profits ahead of safety.

A woman died after a Southwest Airlines jet suffered engine failure and made an emergency landing on Tuesday, marking the first accidental fatality on a domestic flight in nine years, according to the National Transportation Safety Board. Jennifer Riordan of New Mexico died after she was partially sucked out a window near the engine, according to witnesses. Officials did not immediately confirm that account. Her impact on everything and everyone she touched can never be fully measured.

The Medical Examiner revealed the cause of death of the victim in Tuesday's deadly mid-air engine explosion. Officials are also investigating the cause of the engine failure. Flight attendants are also speaking out on the importance of safety demonstrations on flights in the wake of the incident.

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When the engine on the left wing broke in mid-flight, the pilots of Southwest Airlines Flight had to deal with a that suddenly banked left on its own, well past any angle they would use. The plane was pitched at an angle of more than 40 degrees for a few unnerving seconds before it leveled out and began an emergency descent, National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Robert Sumwalt told reporters Wednesday in Philadelphia. The plane was ascending past 32, feet Tuesday morning and passengers were settled in for a three-hour flight when a fan blade in the No.

The person who died on a terrifying Southwest flight after an engine exploded midair on Tuesday has been identified as a public relations specialist for Wells Fargo. Jennifer Riordan, from Albuquerque, New Mexico, perished after the left engine of Flight — bound for Dallas from LaGuardia Airport — suddenly burst around a. Read: Southwest Airlines marks first passenger death in its year history after blown engine.

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The National Transportation Safety Board NTSB confirmed the fatality during a press briefing in the last hour, but did not reveal the identity of the victim or the exact cause of death. A piece of the exploding engine ripped into the fuselage of the plane and shattered a window. The woman sitting nearest the window was reportedly partly sucked out, but was then pulled back in by other passengers. The plane made an emergency landing in Philadelphia after quickly losing altitude after the explosion.

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Updated April 19, Passengers have been praised for clinging to a woman who was partially sucked out of a broken plane window after an engine blew at 32, feet, showering the jet with shrapnel. A woman died and seven others suffered minor injuries in the incident, which happened shortly after the Southwest Airlines jet departed New York bound for Dallas.

The woman who died in a midair disaster aboard a Southwest Airlines flight on Tuesday was killed by blunt objects smacking into her head, neck, and torso, medical officials have ruled. The official cause of death for Jennifer Riordan, a year-old Wells Fargo executive from Albuquerque, New Mexico, was recorded as "blunt trauma impact. Riordan's upper body was sucked out of a plane window by sudden decompression when an explosion of the plane's left engine broke her window. She had been wearing a seatbelt.


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