Effects of marijuana and sperm production

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Recent research has looked at the relationship between marijuana use and fertility. As recreational marijuana is legalized in more and more places, marijuana use is likely to go up — especially among people of reproductive age. Sara Ilnitskystudy co-author and reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellow at Western University in London, Ontario, told Healthline.

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Chan School of Public Health. The study, conducted in the Fertility Clinic at Massachusetts General Hospital, also found that there was no significant difference in sperm concentrations between current and former marijuana smokers. It is estimated that

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As legal access to marijuana continues expanding across the U. New research from Duke Health suggests men in their child-bearing years should also consider how THC could impact their sperm and possibly the children they conceive during periods when they've been using the drug. Much like previous research that has shown tobacco smoke, pesticides, flame retardants and even obesity can alter sperm, the Duke research shows THC also affects epigenetics, triggering structural and regulatory changes in the DNA of users' sperm.

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M arijuana and sperm have a complicated and confusing relationship. Some studies have found that men who smoke marijuana have a higher sperm count. Other research has found they have a lower sperm count.

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With the increased legalization of cannabis, especially medical marijuana, researchers are interested in finding out more about its effects on health. One area that is currently under exploration is that of marijuana's effect on fertility. As recent research shows, men in Western countries are facing a fertility crisis.

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Reactions to research published in Human Reproduction that states men who had ever smoked marijuana had high sperm concentration and count than men who had never smoked marijuana. In subjects, each taking the same moderate dose of marijuana daily over only several weeks, their sperm quality plummeted. Sperm motility decreased, acrosome reactions failed to occur and worst of all, sperm counts dropped and the nurse Sertoli cells that help to make sperm disappeared irreversibly.

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For ages, the conventional wisdom about marijuana and male reproductive health was that one did not benefit the other. Weed was kryptonite for healthy sperm; don't partake in one if you want the other. Scientific studies backed that up.

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Men who smoke marijuana may have higher sperm counts than those who have never used the drug, a surprising new study suggests. The findings are "not consistent" with previous research, which has suggested that marijuana has a harmful effect on men's testicular function, the researchers said. However, the study, published in the Feb. The findings are far from conclusive, and more research is needed to understand whether smoking marijuana could indeed, at certain levels, have a positive effect on sperm production.

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Researchers were compelled to investigate what weed does to male fertility after noticing lower sperm counts among certain cannabis users. The body creates its own cannabinoids to modulate these body functions, but the body also reacts to cannabinoids from without—like the ones found in cannabis and cannabis products. And as a study published September 19 in Scientific Reports revealed, human males have a lot of endocannabinoid receptors in their testicles.

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CHICAGO -- Men who smoked marijuana had significantly degraded sperm quality and testicular function, worse than tobacco users and comparable to men with diagnosed infertility, according to a long-term Brazilian study. Marijuana use also was associated with reduced testicular volume and an increased rate of nonobstructive azoospermia, clinical features often found in male infertility. Marijuana's deleterious effects on reproductive parameters resulted from increased production of reactive oxygen species ROSas seminal ROS concentrations were 20 times higher in marijuana users as compared with smokers, reported Jorge Hallak, MD, of the University of Sao Paulo, at the American Urological Association AUA annual meeting.


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