Facial reanimation with stem cells

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Plastic surgeons and plastic surgery researchers are creating regenerative therapies for a broad range of conditions, including injuries to the hands, face and limbs. For people who've lost tissue due to cancer, burns or other trauma, reconstructive options can be limited to moving tissue from one part of the body to another or trying to stimulate new tissue growth within the injured area. But for major injuries, such as limb amputation and severe facial trauma, very few effective treatment options exist.

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Jon-Paul Pepper is not the average award winner. The award provides two years of funding for his study on reprogramming skin-derived stem cells into nerve grafts for the treatment of facial paralysis. Pepper specializes in the reconstructive surgery of the face.

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The facial nerve VII is one of the most important cranial nerves for head and neck surgeons. Its function is closely related to facial expressions that are individual for every person. After its injury or palsy, its functions can be either impaired or absent. Because of the presence of motor, sensory and parasympathetic fibers, the biology of its repair and function restoration depends on many factors.

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This cohort study assesses the outcomes of dually innervated gracilis free muscle transfers using a novel clinical assessment tool. This case series evaluates masseteric-to-facial nerve transfer with selective neurectomy in rehabilitation of the synkinetic smile. This cohort study of 11 patients evaluates the use of masseteric nerve—based selective neurotization for the multivectorial augmentation of the weak smile.

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Initial experiments in animals show promising results with a "bionic face" approach to facial reanimation -- using electrical signals from the uninjured side of the face to trigger muscle movement on the paralyzed side. Hemifacial palsy is a "devastating clinical condition" leading to functional, aesthetic, and communication problems. While reconstructive surgery approaches such as nerve and muscle transfers can restore some facial movement, these techniques have important shortcomings.

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Update in facial nerve paralysis: tissue engineering and new technologies Mohamed A Elsayed 1Ahmed M. The facial nerve is one of the most commonly injured cranial nerves. Paralysis of the facial nerve is a cause of considerable functional and aesthetic disfigurement.

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Facial paralysis stems from damage to facial nerves which could have been caused internally tumours, cerebrovascular diseases, etc. Facial paralysis is characterised by the loss of the ability to make facial expressions and also gives rise to difficulties eating, speaking, smiling or closing an eye. In cases in which the nerve cannot heal itself, surgery should be used immediately.

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My friend had facial paralysis for a few years on the left side of his face. Due to it being lifeless for so long he has atrophic or dead muscles even though the nerve has grown back. I was wondering why stem cells or maybe even injected skeletal muscle satellite cells from the working side of his face couldn't restore function or repair the unresponsive fibers on the paralyzed side?

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Cosmetic surgery for men is becoming increasingly popular. Addressing your appearance can be as important for men as it is for women. Our surgeons are well trained with many years experience when it comes to plastic surgery for males having carried out many procedures in the past. The department has a team of consultants who undertake general plastic surgery procedures and, in addition, they each have specialist interests such as facial reanimation, ear reconstruction and complex microsurgical breast reconstruction such as DIEP as well as novel minimally-invasive restoration of appearance technology with the help of stem cells.


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