Humor for gifted adults

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Apr Posted by gtchatmod. You have to come to terms with yourself and the abilities you possess.

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Crushing Tall Poppies. Throughout my childhood, whenever there was a book fair at school and my mother allowed me to purchase a book or two, I seemed to always gravitate towards the joke and riddle books. I came from a family of jokesters, so jokes, riddles and pranks were the norm.

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Gifted children often begin communicating verbally at an early age, and they use vocabulary far beyond their age. These children often choose their words carefully, but tend to use a lot of them. They can also get frustrated with children in the same age group who are unable to understand them and often turn to older children or adults for conversation.

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If your child possesses a vocabulary beyond their age, can learn and retain information quickly, or displays exceptional skill in a particular area, you may have wondered if your child could be gifted. There is no universally-accepted definition of giftedness. The lack of a clear definition of giftedness leaves many parents confused as to exactly what it means to be gifted.

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As a parent, you have undoubtedly noticed some unique characteristics of your gifted child. He may make sure that your DVR works properly or she may have installed the newest software on your computer. As a teacher, you may have seen a gifted child who wants to be creative with your lesson plan or one who alienates other children with her large vocabulary.

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Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Verified by Psychology Today. Gifted-Ed Guru.

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Who knew the goober-smart could be so funny? The Big Bang Theory is one of the most unique and funniest sitcoms on television today. The show is based around four genius guys who are best friends and employed at Caltech.

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Thrown around quite often, what does the gifted mean, especially when it comes to learning and behavior? The characteristics of gifted children might surprise you. Not always positive, these gifted characteristics often present challenges for the child, teachers, and parents.

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Crushing Tall Poppies. Have you ever wondered who makes up all of the jokes we hear nearly every day? The classics, the riddles, the knock-knock jokes—all of them had to be the handiwork of some very funny people.

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Jul Posted by gtchatmod. Gifted children with advanced abilities well beyond their years can manipulate and play with words in demonstrating verbal ability.


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